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Sunline Shipping Agencies CO.

We consider our company standing ahead in Egyptian shipping Business has provide full vessel agency attendance in all Egyptian ports especially Alexandria, el Dekheila, Abu qir, Damietta, Port Said and Suez Canal.

We promise high quality services and competitive rate. If you would like to know D/a Performa for your vessels which going to call one of Egyptian ports just use any part of our net work


Sunline Worldwide

This network of offices, with on-line access to the company advanced computer network at the home base in Alexandria and direct communication links to telex, fax and Internet facilities, demonstrates our belief in the necessity to be geographically close to key shippers as well as being present in locations of operational importance.


Sunline Certificates

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  • Suez Canal transit

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    Passing the Suez Canal has an important time and cost impact on a vessel's voyage. Exact planning, early notification, constant follow-up and real cost controls are needed to save your time and money.

    Port Agent

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    We handle all types of tramp vessels, with particular emphasis on tankers, bulk carriers, chemical carriers, container vessels and cruise ships. We also handle technical stopovers such as in the shipyard, bunker calls and similar.


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    We work with a wide range of ship owners, in the same time we are member of "FONASBA" to ensure the most competitive charters & vessels at all time for both Full and part loads, including special projects and heavy cargoes